Mercedes SLR price

Mercedes SLR price

Mercedes SLR price

Mercedes SLR price depends on many factors, most important ones are; the SLR version (roadster, coupe, 722 Edition, Stirling Moss, etc.) / model year and mileage.
It’s not uncommon to find that selling luxury vehicles such as McLaren SLR is a lot more difficult than selling lower end makes and models. This makes sense; Mercedes SLR demands a higher price tag than most folks can afford.

Mercedes SLR price

Let’s take a peek at price range, for example with first series Mercedes SLR, model year 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 and compare prices.

Price varies between 200.000 and 500.000 euros for model years 2003 – 2006. Next factor is mileage; less is better. Some SLR cars that are still in “mint” or showroom condition (less than 50km) easily fetch price tag of around half a million euros or more. You can find lots of modified SLRs on the market with increased horsepower and performance and also styling (FAB Design, Mansory, Hamann, etc.). Price comparison for these can be found at the end of this post. Record belongs to a SLR coupe from 2004 with only 17km and price tag of 795.000 euro.

Roadsters from 2006 till 2009 can be bought from 390.000 to 500.000+ depending on condition.

722 S Edition model year 2007, 2008, 2009;
722 S had more power than the original SLR Roadster, with around 641bhp / 650 hp, and lower, stiffer suspension. Like the rest of the SLR range, the 722 was assembled at McLaren’s Woking factory in UK. Both body styles were available; coupe and roadster. Which of both carries the highest price tag?

Mercedes SLR price for 722 S coupe is from 600.000 to 750.000 euros. What about the Roadster version? Well, that one is even more expensive and prices start (mid 2016 opp.) at around 1 million euros and up to 1.3 million €.

Mercedes SLR price for 722 S Roadster model year 2009 is between 1 and 1.3 million euros.

722 GT racing / rennfahrzeug one of 12, model year 2004, 99km and 680 hp – priced at 1.1 million euros.

And now to the undisputed winner; production of only 75 units and these were the final SLRs ever built, marking the end of the manufacturing contract between Mercedes and McLaren. With its starting price of more than 1 million $ or 750.000 euros in 2009, if the price tag is not an enough restriction – they only offered the Stirling Moss Speedster to the existing SLR owners.

Stirling Moss Speedster – or 217 mph – with no windshield;

Mercedes SLR price for Stirling Moss is between 2.99 (model year 2009) and 4 million euros (model year 2010) (prices from mid 2016 opp).

SLR tuned & styled

Some special SLR version go from 400.000 euros and up. You can find a lots of tuned SLRs with increased horsepower to 741, 950 or even 1111 and more hp. Prices range between 400.000 to a million euro quickly and more for these tuned versions.


Hamann yellow / black color combo, 3900km, 700 kW / 952 hp  model year 2006 with price tag of 350.000 euro.

Mercedes SLR price for SLR FAB Design Desire
Mercedes SLR price for Mansory Renovatio model year 2005, 33.500 km, 460 kW / 625 hp costs 360.000 euro.
Mercedes SLR price for Red Gold Dream starting price of 11 million $ in 2011.

You have to pay to play!

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