SLR McLaren Top Gear


SLR McLaren Top Gear

SLR McLaren Top Gear: Jeremy Clarkson tests the £312,000 Mercedes SLR McLaren out on the Top Gear track. With a blistering top speed of 209mph, could the Lamborghini Murcielago’s and Pagani Zondas days at the top of the Power Lap board be numbered? Read on and watch the video.

The body of the SLR is made from Carbon fibre which is three times more expensive than steel. The price tag is the downside. The upside is that it’s very very strong and very very light. Check the drag race between the SLR and Mercedes SL55 AMG in the video below.

When SLR was launched it was the fastest automatic car in the world! Btw. how SLR Mercedes gathers speed is nothing compared to the way it loses it. Stoping power thanks to the new Ceramic brakes. But they are very odd, not the most elegant to use.

SLR McLaren – Is this a luxury Mercedes or a McLaren racer?

Well it doesn’t take long to realize this is a fantastic car. Agile and adrenaline rushed. On one hand it is seriously aggressive and on the other hand it is civilised as a Mercedes can be. The SLR Mercedes is not hard to handle.

Mercedes SLR is supercar with supermarket convenience. Costs three times more than an SL55 AMG though.

When it comes to supercars the way they look is almost as important as the way they go. Mercedes has a long history of building the best (looking) cars in the world. The SLR is athletic and classics sports car shaped.

SLR McLaren Top Gear lap time chart

Mercedes SLR drove the Zop Gear trac in record breaking time of 1 minute 20.9 seconds! For comparison second and third on the record chart were Lamborghini Murcielago with 1 minute 23.7 seconds and Pagani Zonda with 1 minute 23.8 seconds! The SLR was and in many cases still is a revolutional supercar.

For the end – a few thoughts:

Still strong hypercar/supercar performance

Amazing how this car still looks so modern 10 years after it being launched….

The brakes on SLR car are insane! This thing really does stop like its ran in to a wall.

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